Web Site Management for the NEW WebSite Owner

Have you ever been given or offered a web site to 'look after' but refused because you didn't know where to start? Have you looked longingly at some of the pages on auction sites, with fancy pictures and text and thought, "I wish I knew how to start a website".


Web Site Management for the NEW WebSite Owner

Here, in a just a few pages, are all the directions, hints tips and tricks that a new website owner will need for website management and web page maintenance. There's not just basic HTML, but how to make webpages more attractive to search engines, how to climb their rankings - the EASY way to do Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. All jargon free and with easy to follow instructions and pictures.

How about all those fancy graphics at the top of almost every website you ever go to? This ebook will explain to you how to get those headers onto your page and explain the best tools to use, without breaking the bank or your brain. Web page maintenance has never been easier.

Web page maintenance made simple
Web page management made simple

What the heck is CSS? You can find out what it is and how it can help you make your web page or even your whole web site to look better and be easier to maintain. All explained to you in basic English. You won't need a computing degree to understand the contents, and you won't need an English professor at your side to decypher the long words. There's even 'time-out' blocks to tell you about some of the new aspects that are introduced.

This book really can show you how to write a web site. Alright it won't turn you into a skilled web page designer or website developer and teach you how to use Flash, PHP, ASP, Ruby or any of the other depths of alphabet soup that some web coders will tell you is absolutely necessary. They're not, if all you want to do is know how to start a website to tell the world about your hobby, shout out about a recent vacation or just have a hankering to learn how to perform web page maintenance to your own liking. Even what you need to go through to register a domain name, how to get web space and importantly, how to marry the two together. When you shouldn't (and when you could) use free webspace. Also there are great tips on how to use domain names in affiliate marketing, and how you don't need web space to do so. There are some huge advantages to using this trick

Website management for the new web site owner
Web page management for the new webpage owner

And what if you can't get a web site name (otherwise known as a domain name) you like. You really have a hankering for a particular name. Some domain names cost millions! What do you do then? There's tricks and tips to show how to get something that will be very close to what you want, without breaking the bank or the law.

So what are you waiting for? The cost?

Well I think this book would be an absolute steal at $77, but you're a new web site owner. You can't justify that amount for a web site you've just picked up. Heck, even $57 or $37 is too much, so how about just $17 and I will throw in some extra stuff too. Graphics in PSD format for you to practice on and use, a brilliant book by Jim Edwards on how to market your site & tell the world about its benefits and an exclusive 20 page mini-book on what to do with all those email addresses you've collected - Without spamming them.

So there you go. Everything a new web site owner will need. All the help you need to start tidying up & rewriting your new web site, without an expensive website maintenance contract, where to go to get the best software tools to help you, FOR FREE. Publicising your web pages and improving search engine rankings will come easy to you without any need for keyword spamming (you can learn why this should be avoided at all costs). So download this ebook now and get some bonus items to really make your new improved web site stand out and really put the icing on the cake. In other words...

Web Site Management for the NEW Web Site Owner.

Website management made easy
Web page management for the new webpage owner

Brought to you as an Adobe PDF file, and ready for immediate delivery by digital download, even at silly O clock in the morning!

I'd also like to offer you some more FREE hints and tips as a thank you for visiting this page. These are not re-hashes of what's in the book but other useful ideas to improve your website and some suggestions of how to market it for more visitors.
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PS: I hate spam as much as you do, and your details will never be passed on to anyone else, for any purpose or at any price. You have my word.
Here's My Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Here's what to do:

Buy this book and have a good read. I'm sure you'll learn lots of new stuff that will make you, a new webmaster, into someone who knows how to make every page that little bit better. Someone who knows some great little tricks to get the domain name you want, or at least someone who knows what a domain name is and what you do with it.

Look through the bonus items (and look out for the extra unannounced items in the package) and see if using them will increase your skills. Then put your new skills into practice and see for yourself how much better a website manager you can be.

In the unlikely event that you are not thrilled and delighted with your new skills and power, simply send back the program and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund in full.

And you have a full 60 days to make your decision.

I think you'll agree, I can't be much fairer than that.

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Website management for the new web site owner